Our Story

Tour Print evolved because of our experience as customers. We believe that as customers, we deserve to work with a printer who cares as much about our project as we do. Communication, quality, delivery; These are the basic values we thrive on and take pride in.
These are the same values we were looking for in other printers and were not finding, so we decided to do things on our own. We are now able offer the piece of the puzzle that so many businesses are missing - a partner who has their best interest at heart.

A better product means a more successful client - which means more business for everyone - so why not work and grow together? Our clients work with us because they know our goal is to help them succeed. 

More than JUST screen printers. We’re a team of designers, brand experts, merchandisers, and artists. Most importantly, we’re also customers.

Choose Your Weapon

The quality of the shirt does effect the print!

We offer a full selection of garments, apparel and paper stocks that range in style, price and materials. We adjust our printing style to meet the situation, but must point out that there is something to be said for quality materials affecting a quality print. Smooth weaves and consistent construction lay the foundation for softer feel and precise placements.
We're happy to suggest a few of our "Shop Picks" - These are moderately priced products that we love to use for their quality weaves, stable dye lots, and consistent construction.

Questions? Call us anytime, we can't wait to talk to you!
(503) 862-9311 | print@tourprint.com