Want to know what it'll run?

Not all print jobs are alike.
Allow us to get the big picture by sharing the details of your unique project. We'll then tailor your order to your specific needs and get you the best possible product for your buck.

Your final product is as important to us as it is to you! Whether it's for branding, retail, promotion or otherwise, you deserve the best.

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Artwork Created in Vector (Illustrator):
All fonts are to be outlined
We prefer Vectorized artwork to be saved as an Illustrator file. 
2nd preferred format is .PDF with "Illustrator Capabilities" turned on.
3rd preferred is an .eps file

Artwork Created as a Raster (Photoshop):
Artwork TO SIZE (Not the Art Board, but the Art Itself) at 300dpi
We prefer the Photoshop file with Layers on a transparent background.
2nd preferred is a .tiff image with transparent background. 

Sending files in this manner ensures that we can get the best results out of your art!

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