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We offer a full pre-press service to artists, individuals, and small shops.
Our Pre & Post-press services include:

Film Output   (standard & oversized)
Custom Pantone Mixing / Matching   (water-based or plastisol inks)
Screen Service   (request new screens or bring your own)
   - Burning
   - Cleaning & Reclaiming
   - Vectorization   (for art that's not print-ready)
   - Separation & Registration (for multiple-colored art/designs)


I remember what it was like to not have any idea about what I was doing and barely enough equipment I needed to even try. There were a handful shops and individuals that were willing to teach me about the process while providing the tools and skills I needed to complete orders while I learned. That help was the platform I needed to move forward successfully while building my business.
— Austin Phillips, CEO